Thursday, June 22, 2017

Michael & Tyler: The Countdown is On (Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer)

June 10, 2017

Even when you don't NEED an engagement session, I always encourage it. It's great to meet up and see how we all work together. This session is a little bit last minute, as Tyler and Michael will be getting married in almost two weeks, but hey, better late than never! We got together at some family property and did a quick session in the sunset light. Love it! And these two were great subjects, so of course that's an added bonus. I'm definitely even more excited for them to be the next bride and groom on my list.

If you are debating an engagement session, just do it! You'll never regret doing it, but you MIGHT regret NOT doing it. Congrats to these two, and see you in a couple weeks.

^Woo hoo! Money shot!

^These two are gorgeous, no?

^Michael wanted some water shots. As requested!

^Oh sunlight, how I love it when you work with me!


^Summer evenings are the best.

^It's love.

^Now if only the evening will be just as beautiful for their wedding day!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Josiah & Amber: Waiting on September (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

June 5, 2017

I'm excited for these two! They only JUST found me and booked me for their September wedding, as an awesome opportunity for their futures opened up, but it also meant they needed to tie the knot a little sooner than they originally planned. But they are a super adorable couple and very in love so why not? I met them just last week and we did their quick engagement session the same day! I found an awesome spot at a place I've been to a hundred time and it was so perfect. They like the more woodsy look anyway, and we were able to get in some grassy field photos for Amber as well, so all in all, a very successful session.

We really hit it off in the short time we were together, so now I'm even more excited for their wedding in just a few months. Congrats to you both, and though you have to spend the summer apart, it'll all be worth the wait!

^The sun was getting all fancy with our backgrounds in this location!

^Ahhh perfect lighting!

^They are so cute!

^Climbing during the session... hey, I can do that again finally!

^Hello, sunlight!

^Favorite, for real!

^I liked these shots, can you tell?

^Her face, though!

^Grassy field for the win!

^Josiah, I'm not sure it REALLY worked but we'll go with it! :D
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