Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Josie: Brand New! (Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer)

January 30, 2015

Other than photographing my new little one, Josie is the first little newborn that I got to meet up with this year. She was so bright and focused. And though that's great for such a little one, it didn't help us get her to sleep. In fact, until the VERY end of the session, she hardly slept for us at all. I had to be quick with my shutter to catch her blinking to make it look more sleepy. Luckily she was such a sweet little lady and didn't get too mad at her mom and me while we moved her around.

Josie's daddy showed up toward the end of the session to sneak a few photos in and to help us put her to sleep. We finally did succeed but with only 15 minutes to spare. However we got quite a few shots in that short span of time. My favorites, still, are the first few we did. What a sweetie! So glad Josie made it in for a last minute session with me!

^This NEVER happens but one of my favorite shots was also my very first!

^Such a gorgeous little miss!

^She was all about snuggling with Mom!

^Look how alert she is!

^Awake is okay when your cute and focused!

^"Almost" sleeping ;)

^We finally got her to sleep!

^Cuddling with some of my newest props.


^What a beautiful family.
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