Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Julianna - My First Month (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

January 30, 2015

Since it's been a bit slow on the blog lately (it won't be long till we have LOTS to share though!), I wanted to show a few photos I did of my little baby girl. She's getting very close to three months old already, and I've been very diligent in taking lots and lots of photos of her. Every Tuesday, on her "weekly" anniversary of being born, I've taken photos of her to follow how much she's grown! And every month, I'll be taking a similar photo to really show how big she's gotten. I also will do full, regular sessions for her on her 3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-month birthdays, but we've yet to get there quite yet.

 This week, I've got her first two months ready to go to show you! First... month one of my baby. Enjoy some Julie cuteness below :)

Two Weeks
^Since we had her newborn photos done, and I was exhausted, we skipped week one and started at week two.

^The bottom photo is probably still my very favorite photo of her so far :)

^Bright eyes, already, at two weeks!

Three Weeks
^Pete likes to check Julie out once and awhile. So much bigger than her!

^Obviously, she was very sleep for our photos on week 3!

^Like brother, like sister ;)

Four Weeks
^Showing some personality on week four :)

^She tolerated the huge bow, at least ;)

One Month

^A little slouchy, she needed spotters for this photo :) Silly Julie!
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