Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Jake & Emily: Engaged! (Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer)

 October 6, 2020

As the season winds down, it's nice to see an end in sight. It means that soon, I'll get to rest a bit from such a busy, hectic schedule. But it also means I won't get to have awesome evenings like the one I had with Emily and Jake. These two are recently engaged and planning their 2021 wedding. I met them at the MSU campus's horticultural gardens just before sunset. What a perfect night! I love photographing young couples in love in perfect golden hour light at absolutely gorgeous locations. It was pretty much a trifecta of love, thank you very much! 

Emily and I have been chatting for a bit and I am more and more excited for her wedding every time we talk. It was great to meet Jake as well and hear a little about their family. These two will have a wonderful wedding, but until next year, check out their adorable photos together! Congrats to the both of you!

^Get out of here with all this cuteness!

^We were actually in the children's garden for the first few shots. So pretty!

^You'll be seeing this one again near the top of my Top 100 in December :D

^Almost-sunset goodness!

^Love these genuine smiles.

^Awkward running is always fun ;)

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