Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Designs by Jenna Rose

DVD Covers

I am not a designer by trade, mostly I love making photographs! But there are just so many ways you can display a photo or photos, and I have been putting together some pretty designs for my brides and groom to decorate each of their personalized DVD covers for three years now.

I always try to use elements from each wedding and the couple's personality to design their covers. A lot of the time I'll use their flowers as helpful design hints and include the colors from their wedding in the cover to tie the whole event together. Here are some of my favorite designs that I have created for the 2009 weddings.

First there are the "modern" designs:

Nice and simple!

Matching the wedding colors with the design of the cover.

Selective color is always a fun way to go!

Then there's the "elegant" designs:

Using pretty script text and framing.

Flower graphics to tie into the wedding.

Fall theme for an October wedding.

And the "fun" designs!
Bright colors give the design a little life!

The purple and this pretty daisy graphic was perfect!

Now I'm definitely not going to claim that I'm any kind of graphic designer, but I love to create things like this! I can make you up some pretty "Save the Date" cards to send to guests or create some elegant "Thank Yous" to deliver to everyone who was there on the big day!

Creating is such a fun pasttime, and I love making something for each of the couples to add to their beautiful day! I hope everyone enjoyed what I made. Look forward to yours in 2010 if your one of my new brides!!!
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