Monday, May 3, 2010

Peter & Donna: A Wedding

April 24, 2010

Another wedding season has begun! It's going to be a slow start this year, but my fall is going to be a little crazy so I can be patient for now. Anyway, to kick off my year, I photographed Peter and Donna on the last weekend in April. The weather in the Grand Rapids area had been a little fickle all month and even though we had our fingers crossed for a warm day, we didn't get much of one. Roll with it, I always say.

We met the couple at the Holiday Inn in Kentwood where their ceremony and reception were being held. It was kind of a neat set up because almost all of their family is from Virginia (Peter) and New York (Donna) so they had everything in one place so the family wouldn't have to get lost in Grand Rapids for the wedding.

Despite the weather we managed to get a few shots outside by the blooming trees (how could we resist?) and I was glad I got to do some close up bridal portraits of Donna inside as well. That's one of my goals this year, more beautiful portraits! Congratulations to Peter and Donna. I wish the best for both of you in your new life together. Enjoy your photos!

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