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Andy & Kristin: A White Winter Wedding (Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer)

February 23, 2013

My long time roommate and friend, Kristin, finally found the perfect man for her. Andy and her share the same interests, likes, and goals for the future. After a little over a year and a half of dating, they were married on a beautiful snowy day in Kalamazoo.

Being the maid of honor, there was a lot for me to do. We helped Andy surprise Kristin with her proposal on camera, and I also did their engagement photos last summer. Kristin Huyck (the matron of honor and my frequent photo assistant) did their invitations, and I hooked them up with their photographer (my fabulous photo friend, Misty, who did a lot of the photos you will see below), and my favorite florist, Tracy Park of Park Place Floral. We through a Paris themed bridal shower, and had a princess party for the bachelorette party. In addition, the ladies involved in the wedding put together the centerpieces, the favors, and all the little details that you will see, AND we decorated the whole banquet hall at Niko's Landing for the reception. Busy busy! But it was worth it.

Andy and Kristin had an almost perfect day, with a little help from their friends, and I can't wait to show off the photos.  I don't want to get this post TOO long, so just read the captions below for the day's play by play!

Special thanks to all those who helped us all along the way: the entire bridal party, Kristin Huyck (matron of honor), Heather Lewis (bridesmaid), Kayla Crampton (our hostess), Donna Oole (mother of the bride) and of course Kelly, our honorary bridesmaid for all she did as well! On to the photos!

*Though I edited all the photos, Misty was the main photographer, so you'll see her shots with her copyright and website in the bottom corner. The ones I did have my website in the bottom corner (and special thanks to Kristin Huyck and Josh Harrison for a few shots they did with my camera while I was indisposed :)
^That's me looking pretty with my hair and make-up done!

^Heather and Kristin too... yay, bridesmaids!

^The bride getting her make-up done.

^The groom is Batman.

^Andy's son, Declan, playing with one of the MANY lightsabers that followed us around all day.

^A gorgeous pop of pink against the winter white. Amazing work as always, Tracy!

^Misty loves shoes... :-)

^The dress is on!!!

^The bride is ready, time to get married!!!

^He teared up a bit :-)

^Kevin let out a very convincing Chewbacca yell as they walked down the aisle. I'm guessing the Star Wars recessional music may have given him the idea...

^Check out our pink shoes :-)

^Andy's standard photo bomb...

^Star Wars come up again...

^Boys will be boys...

^Kristin LOVES hot pink and that pop of color with all the neutrals was just perfect!

^We... are... FREEZING!!!

^I really like this one.

^Josh Harrison took this and the next two shots while the girls were playing.

^Chris held our coats for us while we got our photos taken. Haha!

^The whole party, minus Richie, he got lost!

^Probably my favorite of mine :-)

^Our hard work looking awesome at the reception.

^Lightsaber salute!

^Although I wrote one, I winged my speech. I think it went okay :-)

^Explanation: The guys were going to wear super hero shirts (like Andy did) under their tuxes and we had these masks to go along with it, however the boys didn't do it, so we just had our masks, just because.

^Assorted pink shoes!

^That green frosting on their plate was a little frosting Yoda.

^Awesome shot, Misty!

^Party, little kid!!!

^Haha, Gangnam Style!

^Girls will be girls!

^The surprised me with a birthday cake. My birthday was the day after the wedding, so thanks guys!

^Donna dancing with the new Mr. and Mrs. Lewis!

^Sporting their Disney bride and groom Mickey ears. Yay for weddings!
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