Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Mandy: This is 30!!! (Grand Rapids GLAM Photographer)

February 2, 2019

There are two ways to age. The first is to fret and complain about the inevitable. The second is to embrace was you can't avoid and celebrate what you've come through as well as what is to come! This is the way my friend and fellow photographer, Mandy, chose to celebrate her milestone birthday this year. She and I have talked about this shoot for a little while and when it was finally time, we were ready to create some birthday magic.

The theme was a pink champagne birthday. Complete with champagne in a Tiffany's flute, of course. I was sure to get the rose gold "30" balloons and Mandy brought the frilly tulle skirt. We even did a very classy cake "smash" thanks to It's Personal by Sweet Cakes. How could it get any better?!?

Mandy, 30 isn't so bad, but I'm super glad you are making the most of it and celebrating the awesome person that you are! Another year old, but also another year WISER!

^Just a few fun details.

^Did I mention we did a boudoir shoot after this? :D

^Sassy. Classy.

^Big girls don't smash cakes, but they'll certainly try it!

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