Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Kyle & Molly: Engaged! (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

September 9, 2019

More engagements are on the way! This one was a lot of fun, not only because Kyle and Molly are very upbeat, friendly and fun, but also because they brought their dog, Huckleberry, along for the session as well. He was a great sport and kept up throughout our whole check throughout some cool spots in downtown Grand Rapids, starting with Founders, a favorite of the couple.

We did a lot of wandering, found a few colorful spots and got some amazing lighting in the process. And We even managed to get a shot with Huckleberry's ears up (just one, but apparently, it's VERY hard to accomplish!). It was a perfect night!

^Look carefully, that's Kyle's own mug. And he's got a Founders jacket on too! :)

^The perfect mix of nature and man-made. And an adorable couple!

^Family portrait!

^Obligatory cheesy part of the shoot ;)

^Waiting patiently for Mom and Dad to change their outfits.

^Favorite? :D

^These two... for real!

^Almost-outtakes ;)

^Kyle was a great subject, suggesting a shot in the street and then twirling Molly. Perfect!

^Last spot, best spot!

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