Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank you, Josh!

A tribute to a great photo friend

As the year draws to a close, I want to express my graditude for my very first JRPhoto assistant photographer! He's been a good friend and fun wedding companion for the past three wedding seasons (although in 2007 we only did one wedding together... our first, a good one too!). He's got a lot of changes come up for 2010 but I'm happy to say that hopefully we'll still have another great season together!

Always willing to go the extra mile for the perfect shot (see the first photo for example!), he's improved a lot in the very short time I've known him, which is saying quite a bit since he was pretty good from the beginning anyway, and I'm glad to call him a friend and associate.

As a tribute to my good friend Josh, I'm posting some of his BEST work with me this season! Some of my very VERY favorite photos that I don't want to take the credit for because it was his posing and snapping that did the job. Some may have affects that I put on, but the real work was Josh's. Check 'em out!

Thanks Josh! Hope you're enjoying that D90, buddy!

^This shot is from Bill & Jessica's wedding in July. Josh did a lot of these shots, but this one is my favorite. He captured a great shot of these tough guys, Bill (right) and his dad before the wedding

^One of my very favorite's of Josh's photos! He showed me right after he took this shot of Josh (center) and his father and his groomsmen in the field behind the church after his wedding with Monica. Such a great shot of the hunters!

^This is Evan and his groomsmen at his 4th of July wedding to Sabrina. Josh is great at arranging the groomsmen. And working with them as well. These guys were quite a group, but Josh had it covered!

^One of our best weddings of the year (although we were EXHAUSTED from such a long day!). This is Ryan with his groomsmen before his wedding to Jessica. Josh and I communicated via our cell phones to hide the bride from the groom while still getting some great shots, like this one. LOVE the colors!

^Jeremy with his groomsmen and ushers after his wedding to Nikki in August. This was our second wedding of the weekend and even though we we super tired, we managed. I love the shot and the gaze in this one!

^Another of the groomsmen from Evan and Sabrina's wedding. I did the selective color but I love how he arranged the guys on the staircase. It's such a fun shot!

^I know I didn't post many but this is probably my favorite of all. I wish I could say I did this one myself! His framing is perfect and I LOVE the use of the selective focus. Josh Harrison, you are my hero!

For more of Josh, I did a shoot of him and his lovely lady, Julie, in August. Take a look!
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