Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jenna and the Tulips

April 23, 2010

To start off my weekend, I spent the afternoon with one of my former wedding clients, Andy & Rachael, do some portraits of Rachael's daughter, another Jenna Rose! We met up in the beautiful Centennial Park in Holland, MI, home of West Michigan's Tulip Time. The colors are amazing this time of year and it made for a perfect setting for some spring portraits.

Jenna loves having her photo taken and she has lots of ideas of her own so we didn't run out of fun places and poses to do with her. We wandered out of the park and around downtown Holland with our cadre of props (balloons, a lollypop, her Animorphs book, a rose for Jenna Rose...) and had a great time in the process.

And now a couple crazy shots... Jenna has quite the personality, this is one of my faves of her! She's a fun kid!
Sorry, Andy, I couldn't resist! He was so kind and held all the props while I did the shoot... thanks Andy!!!
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