Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cupcake Project

Apple Custard Tea Cakes

Because winter season is slow season for my photo business, I am searching for fun activities to keep me and my blog busy in the down time. One such project is to bake a new type of cupcake from my book Cupcakes by Pamela Clark every few weeks this winter. I definitely have a sweet tooth and like to bake, I don't do a lot of baking from scratch, so I'm excited to start learning some tricks.

Although this recipe took me awhile to get to, I would like to present my first cupcake project, Apple Custard Tea Cakes! They weren't pretty, but man, did they taste good!

^First, you have to start with your recipe and ingredients. Today we will need butter, vanilla extract, sugar, eggs, self-rising flour, instant vanilla pudding mix, milk, a large unpeeled apple, and ground cinnamon. We are ready to bake!

^The custard filling comes first. Some of the instant vanilla pudding, vanilla extract, milk and sugar are heated together in a saucepan, then set aside to cool (covered).

^Line the muffin pan with baking cups. This recipe will make 12 small cupcakes or 6 Texas sized ones.

^Blend the rest of the instant pudding, butter, vanilla, sugar, eggs, four and milk until they are just combined on low speed. Then take it up a notch to medium until the mix turns a paler color.

^Pour first a little more than half the mix into the bottom of the baking cups, then distribute all of the custard mix in what will be the center of the cupcake. One note of my own... I noticed the custard tried to settle at the bottom of the cake, so a little more of your batter on the bottom of the baking cup is a good idea. Finish by putting the rest of the cake mix on top of the custard, being sure to cover custard.

^Core and slice your apple. The pieces will need to finely sliced.

^The finely sliced pieces (4 or 5) can be spread over each cake. Make sure to press the apples slightly down into the cake (just a touch, I pressed mine down a little too far!).

^Looking good! Now bake your small cupcakes at 30 minutes in a 350 F oven, or your Texas sized ones at 40 minutes at the same temperature.

^Meanwhile, mix your remaining sugar and cinnamon together...

^While your cakes are still hot, spread melted butter over each, fairly generously.

^Then sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar mixure, also generously, onto the cakes!

^Let them cool a bit on your wire rack, and then enjoy. They are good both hot and cold, but I was partial to having them warm. The apples really give it an extra kick!

^The finished product. As I mentioned, it's not the prettiest cake
I've ever made, but it sure was tastey! Give the recipe a try! For
more details on measurements and ingredients, send me an email
at, and I will you the full recipe.

Happy Cupcaking! 
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