Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bradley: 1 Year Old (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

December 7, 2014

The first time I met Bradley, he was brand new! In fact, fittingly, he was my very first session of this year. He's also my very last for the year, showing off his big almost one-year-old self! Though I'm 9 months pregnant and pretty much constantly exhausted, I was able to get this little man in for one more session. His dad and mom, Dustin and Caitlin (who's wedding I did back in 2012!), were lots of help to make it happen. It also helped that Bradley isn't QUITE walking on his own yet, and he only crawled off on us a couple of times :)

I hope to see him again next year, but for now, enjoy his handsome little self as he's just about ready to hit that 12-month milestone! Happy birthday, Bradley!

^He was smiley from the beginning. Love it when that happens!

^Getting into our next outfit :)

^Practicing his standing and walking. He'll be super mobile before Mom and Dad know it!

^"Awwww, guys!"

^Tossing that big boy up in the air!

^My favorite :)

^A quick throwback... we got some great shots of him on this with Dad's tools for his newborn session!

^Such a cute fellow :)
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