Thursday, April 9, 2015

A. (Grand Rapids Boudoir Photographer)

March 14, 2015

I'm so excited to get to post a few new things in the next few weeks. Almost a month ago, I held my annual boudoir marathon. We had a new location this time around, but it worked out and all three of my awesome models were amazing. One of these models was A., who had all the attitude you need for a boudoir session to work perfectly.

A. got married last year (yes, I was there!) and she did this session for her hubby (and herself, I'm sure!). She did a bridal outfit, one that pays homage to her husband's favorite super hero (the Arrow), and another fun one she found that is super fun and sassy. I've got to say, I was impressed with the creativity of her dress choices. Looking through these again, I am finding so many that I love!

If you'd love to do one of these fun sessions, you now how to get a hold of me. In the meantime, thanks again to A and her awesome sassy face action ;)

^Feeling fabulous.

^Bridal view shots can be so perfect for boudoir.

^One of my favorites, perhaps?

^This could totally double as an awesome Halloween costume ;)


^You've got it, girl!

^Another favorite!

^Or maybe I like this one best? I just can't decide!
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