Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Julianna - My Third Month (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

April 1, 2015

This past week, I finally got to take Julie's 3 month photos. Trouble was, she wasn't having it. I have to get to work on them yet, but for now, I wanted to update her weekly photos for month 3. She's growing so big and for the most part is such a good little lady. Sure, she gets fussy and is impatient when it's time to eat, but I couldn't love this little miss more than I do! She's the best. Check out her weekly updates for her third month now!

9 Weeks

^Poor Baby Julie got TWO shots before this week's photos. Ouchie :(

^Oh Mom!

10 Weeks
^I let her sleep for this set. We all had a bad week (everyone was sick and our sleep schedule suffered)!

11 Weeks

^Back to my bright-eyed baby!

^Feeling fancy.

12 Weeks
^My favorite set of weekly photos yet!

^Julie loves to 'flap'!

^Smiley girl.

^Talking to us.

Three Months

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