Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Allison: 1 Year Old! (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

May 1, 2015

This fiery little redhead is Allison. I first met her just after she was born last year. She was a great little subject, and even had one of my top images of last year with her cut little stretch (see the very last photo of the post linked above!). Now, she's such a big girl and look at that hair!!! She was a pretty good sport for her photos. A couple of times she felt a bit moody, but what girl doesn't? She has a beautiful smile and disposition. Not to mention, she looked super adorable in her "cupcake" outfit that her mom, Melanie, made for her!

Big brother, Owen (see his 1 year photos here) was a very helpful guy. He took a few photos for me (that actually turned out okay!) and was my light tester. He even helped finish off his sister's cake. She was a bit dainty of an eater, as Daddy suspected she would be, but she managed to smash her cake all right in the end. I had lots of fun seeing this former wedding couple of mine along with their beautiful family! Happy birthday, Allison!

^What a pretty little lady!


^Owen tested the settings and the light for me quite a bit for his sister's session.

^Happy family!

^"Come on, guys!"

^Awwwww, love it!

^Owen blows some bubbles.

^The adorable, homemade "cupcake" dress!

^Allison and a photo of her when she was a newborn.

^Mommy sure is crafty! She made this cake for smashing too!

^She was very polite about the smashing!

^So serious :)

^Thanks for your help, big brother!
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