Thursday, November 5, 2015

Jennifer: Afterglow (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

October 16, 2015

Jennifer and Jared got married back in April. It was a cool day but everything went well. When she contacted me about doing an afterglow session, in her dress with her dog AND her horse, I was super excited! I've been wanting to do a session with horses for a very long time, so this was a perfect opportunity. Just like their engagement session last October, it was a very chilly day. The wind made it worse. Fenn, Jennifer's gorgeous horse, was a little skittish because of the wind. But we made it work. And I also fell in love with Jared and Jennifer's collie, Toby. What a sweet boy!

As you can see, it was very cloudy, but it made for the perfect setting at the park Jennifer chose. Though we didn't get as many as we would have liked on Fenn, the ones we did get turned out amazing. So glad we did this shoot!

^A perfect family photo!

^Look at this beautiful boy!!!

^Puppy love.

^Fenn was getting frisky in this shot. Such a pretty guy.

^While we were waiting for Fenn to be saddled, Jared got a few shots with Toby.

^A little bit of breeze goes a long way ;)


^Toby in action.

^Looking good, Jen!

^She's got quite a look!

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