Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ricky & Sally: An Island Wedding (Destination Wedding Photographer)

January 24, 2016

It's almost hard to put into words how excited for this wedding I was. And stressed. But mostly excited. Travelling with my family on my first international trip was enough. Bringing all my wedding gear and doing a wedding in a tropical paradise on top of that... talk about a dream come true! I am not sure I believed I'd ever get such an awesome opportunity. Anyway, Sally is the one responsible for all this awesomeness so let's talk about her a little, shall we? Sally and I first met way back in preschool. She and I were also yearbook co-editors our senior year of high school. I was also the photographer and she had another position as well (sorry, Sal, it's been too long and my yearbook is back at my parents' house!) but we got to work together a lot back then. Fast forward a "few" years and she lets me know that she's getting married in the Caribbean and needed some advice on choosing a photographer, since she knows that I just might know a thing or two about it. I said "How about me?" and the rest is history.

This past January, we hopped a plane and met Sally and Ricky's family and friends in Sint Maarten, a gorgeous place that was so beautiful and so much fun. We were all at the same resort, and we got our first taste of the all-inclusive lifestyle. Good food, lots of sun and surf, and so relaxing. Ahhhhh. Sunday was the wedding day, though, so I had to get ready to dust off my skills and get to work.

It was probably one of the warmest and sunniest days of our trip, but the ceremony wasn't until toward the end of the day so it was absolutely perfect. Sally looked absolutely radiant and Ricky was so excited to be getting married to the girl of his dreams. I had a blast interacting with their friends, as well. We had the chance to get to know each other a little bit more throughout the days before the wedding, and the wedding itself was just as much fun. Though we started to lose the light for photos sooner than I wanted at sunset, I am still so excited to show off all the gorgeous shots and all the love, fun, and happiness. A reception under the stars and in the breeze was the perfect ending.

Congrats to Sally, Ricky, and their little guy, Nathan. Thank you and your friends and family for an amazing time and such a great opportunity to check something awesome off my bucket list!!!

Travel Plans: Kristen Bailey, Vacations Couture
Ceremony and Reception: Sonesta Maho Beach, Sint Maarten
Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Tommy Bahama
Bridal Gown: Demetrios
Flowers: homemade by the bride

^Gorgeous, no?

^I watched this little guy for awhile when I was doing details. He let me get pretty close!

^That gazebo on the point is where the wedding would take place. :D

^I had lunch with the girls in the bridal party. Very fun.

^Nathan is a cool dude.

^Sally's niece tries on her wedding dress.

^Love this shot!!

^Watching the planes land at the airport which was RIGHT next to our resort.

^These guys are crazy. That is all ;)

^How perfect is this?!

^Nathan really felt like he should be more involved in all this. He did have this important job.

^Little guy ran out and Dad accidentally knocked him down. At least he'll be happy again later.

^Everyone who was at the wedding (including me on the far right there ;) 

^Sunset light :D

^Ricky saves his bride from an unexpected wave!

^LOOOOVE this shot so much.

^Just one quick shot, since photos take too long.


^Beautiful sunset.

^A gorgeous view of the resort at night.

^So many awesome people. We had a blast.

^This little guy loves to toast.

^Bedtime ;)

^A perfect night.
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