Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is GLAM? (Miss M by Jenna Rose Photography)

May 26, 2017

What is a GLAM session? It's not a new idea. The goal is empowerment. Each and every woman has had a moment when life gets the best of them. We work too hard. We have to. And sometimes we just needed a little pick-me-up. GLAM is meant to give you that little push into positive territory in a world so full of negativity. It's not about being someone you aren't. It's about bringing out someone that you ARE, that you always have been, maybe you just weren't able to see it. Every woman deserves to treat herself once and awhile. And this is a great, lasting way to do it. Pamper yourself. Make it all about you, for once. After all, a session only takes a couple hours, but the photos will be there for you forever.

It's not perfection we're striving for, it's acceptance of ourselves as beautiful. You can finally see the version of you that your loved ones see every day.

Mandy, a fellow photographer and wonderful friend of mine, was the first brave soul to take part in this new endeavor of mine. The idea was to create a type of session similar to the style that I love so much about boudoir, but without being focused so much on the sexy lingerie or showing lots of skin. Woman can be sexy in a more subtle way, too, and this is a great way to achieve that look.

My incredible makeup artist, Erick Gerson, took care of Mandy's hair and makeup, and boy, did he bring out that glow in her! Mandy chose a very glitzy dress, a sexy romper (a little bit of boudoir flair here!), and classy blazer for her session. I can't decide which she rocked harder. Even though this is my first full GLAM session, I am already in love with what this has the potential to be for my amazing clients.

I sincerely hope this helps you to see what a beautiful person you are, inside and out! So ahead, love yourself!

^Glow, girl!

^Legs for days!!!

^Just a touch of boudoir.


^This one has to be one of my favorites.

^Glam is anything you want it to be... headshots!

^You are gorgeous, Mandy!

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