Tuesday, December 10, 2019

David & Lisa: Engaged! (Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer)

October 26, 2019

If you can believe it, I still have a couple more engagement sessions to share! I did a bit of traveling at the end of October and got to see a little more of the fall color before it disappeared for another year. My first stop was to meet Lisa and David (as well as son Connor and all their doggie family!). I may have gotten slightly lost on my way there, but we didn't let that stop us from having a good session.

David and Lisa recently had some tough times, but it was great to be a part of recording them at a place so special to the two of them and their family.

Lisa told me that she's not a big fan of photos but had a great time during her session. Win! And we also had a doberman (theirs, of course) chasing us around for most of the session, so that made for a few extra laughs and smiles as well.

Congrats to the two of you, David and Lisa, and I hope life is finally looking up for you both!

^This friend was following us around so we let him in the shot ;)


^Other favorite!!!

^Lisa's dad built us a fire which we used for only like 5 minutes but we love the shots. Thanks Dad!

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