Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Art & Amy: A St. Joe Wedding

July 7, 2011

This summer, I have had the pleasure to work with many fine photographers as a second shooter at weddings they were working at. I've added another to the list. Last Thursday, I went down to St. Joe's, a place I've done a few engagement sessions at in the past, with Jen of Jen Lettinga Photography. It was great to get to chat with her, discuss various weddings and work we've done, and figure out all the details of the day.

Art and Amy were very detail oriented for their wedding, and there were tons of fun little things in addition to the couple that we got to photograph. Their ceremony was very specific to the blending of their two lives together, and there were just so many shots I got from the ceremony that I just loved! The wedding day was a little warm but otherwise beautiful, and although the schedule definitely did not work out as originally planned, we got a lot of great shots (especially since the light was being so cooperative!) and generally had a good day, despite not making it home until 1am!

We also worked alongside of Joe, a videographer from KZoom Weddings, and he helped us out a lot during the day, had dinner with us (exiled from the reception ;) and generally was fun to talk to. I hope to get to work with both Jen and Joe again in the future!

^Both Art and Amy carried a guitar pick (Art plays) to remind each other of their vows.

^This little dog was around while we did portraits, he is ready for summer, I think!

^I love it when the guys get to wear a color other than black. Lookin' good, Art!

^This was a great idea, their sand ceremony featured sand from St. Joe's (where Amy spent time as a child) and from back where Art is from, as well as shells from both locations, and they put them all together as a big family to symbolize the joining of the two familes.

^Buddy, their dog, was present to assist in the big day.

^Gotta love that beach grass!

^Thank you, sky, for being so perfect!

^An "almost" outdoor reception, and it was a perfect day for it, too!

^I rarely stay till the end of a reception, but as Jen was requested to do, we shot the send-off, sparkler style.

^Of COURSE, my flash batteries were dying at the very last minute, but with a little luck, the girl standing next to me was taking photos as well and I caught her flash JUST as Amy tossed her bouquet. Awesome!
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