Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nik & Joy: June 2, 2006

Where it all began!

This week is a little slow on blog posts so I wanted to do something different... show you my very first EVER wedding that I did. Even though it was over 5 years ago and I've come so far since then, I have to say, it was a great first experience, and the photos aren't too bad either.

Nik contacted me during my junior year at Grand Valley. I still remember waking up that morning and reading his email. He asked if I had ever shot a wedding. "No," I said, "But I'm hoping to someday!" He asked me if I would be interested in doing his in early June. Nik is my cousin's cousin, so we are not actually related. But I've known his family since I was in little pink ballet slippers and tutus (his sister assisted at the dance studio I was a part of as a little lady). It was the start I needed when I had no idea where to get started! I ran out that weekend and bought my first digital SLR, my old D50, my speedlight, and a couple other things I thought I'd need for wedding photography.

Nik's fiance, Joy, was the BEST bride I could have had to start out with. She made a photo layout of the day for me that told me EXACTLY what she wanted, which was the basis for my own photo itineraries that I still create for my brides today (although with a few less details now that I know a thing or two!). And I must say, it was a great experience, and I even got some good photos to show for it! Without further ado, check out Jenna Rose Photography's first EVER wedding.

Now remember, FIRST wedding, so these aren't up to my normal standard. My style was very straightforward at first, I had to find out what my style even was! And I did tweak a couple of them just a little... hey, I'm more of a perfectionist now!

^I STILL love this image of Joy's sister tying her dress. I got a little crazy with the noise filter, but hopefully you can forgive me!

^The boys looking great in their suits. Little Liam is such a big boy now, although I haven't seen him in forever!

^This is a pretty good portrait for someone who doesn't have a lot of posing experience yet :-)

^Today, I could get this shot without having to photoshop tweak it, but I still like it, either way!

^This was a FUN reception, great time watching the whole crowd get down, including our groom, Nik, who is sporting some national pride!

A BIG thanks to Joy and Nik for taking a chance on me all those years ago and helping me get to where I am today! Oh, and for the lens. It may not be top end glass, but I still get some decent shots out of that ol' thing!

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