Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Pyle Family

July 5, 2011

What an adorable family! It was a pleasure to get to work with Deatta and Nate, who were married last November, and their adorable little man, Mason. They even brought the lovely Sugar along for the trip to Grand Rapids for their family portraits. Deatta has had these photos in mind for a long time and after a bit of reorganization and figuring out, we picked the day after July 4 for the session.

I was so happy that they decided to come down to me because of the great opportunities this area has for outdoor portraits. Deatta told me what she was looking for, and although I always love finding new spots to photograph in, I knew I already had the place for the Pyles. The Grotto next to the GR Veteran's home is a perfect place, and EXACTLY what she was hoping for.

My favorite part of the day was getting to photograph little Mason. He was such a ham and all about getting his photo taken. He went through the various faces I requested (some are hilarious, see below), and even though all he really wanted to do was play in the stream, he put up with lots of posing without a complaint. He's quite the little model, such a great little guy! Thanks again, you four, for a great session!
^A big, happy family!

^Love the look, Mason.

^This is what I got when I requested a "serious face." Haha, I just love it!

^Once we got his feet in there, he was hooked...

^Of course we had to get a few of just Mom and Dad!

^It's FINALLY time to play in the stream!

^Trying to push Mom in...

^And stealing Dad's hat... love that little man!
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