Monday, July 25, 2011

Rowan Goes Fishin'

July 19, 2011

I just love little kids! And it's little guys like THIS one who make me want one of my own the most! Rowan is a little sweetie. Even though he was obviously tired from a full day of fun and really REALLY hot weather, he still was a great little guy, saying "Cheese" and smiling, playing in the river, and generally being a good little boy.

A friend of mine, Sarah (I did family photos of her and the rest of the Murray's this spring), was on vacation with her boyfriend, Rick, up in the Newago area. He wanted photos of his ADORABLE son, Rowan, and after work last Tuesday, I drove up to meet the three of them. Sarah told me Rowan was a good little boy, although I was a little worried that the two-year-old wouldn't want to play with me and my camera since he was just having too much fun to take a nap that day. And heat indexes near 100 degrees weren't going to help. But luckily, Rowan is awesome, and we had a great shoot!

Thanks to Rick and Rowan and Sarah for hanging out with me. I hope to see you all again soon!

^Hanging out on the swing. It was a little tippy, so Rowan had to hold on tight!

^Pushing the swing a little...

^I said, "Give me your biggset smile ever." This was his response. Awesome.

^"Driving" the golf cart.

^Rowan and Daddy, both in their beach attire!

^Happy boys!

^Walking down to the beach, Rowan wanted to do some fishing.

^He is just so darn cute!!!

^I asked Rowan if he was going to catch anything. He said, "No." I guess he's knows that no string on the pole means no fishies. Hehe.

^Dad is helping, or just telling him what it would be like if there WAS a string on the pole :-)

^Swim trucks on, time for swimming!

^Right before this, Rowan was singing for us. A combination of "Jesus Loves Me" and Justin Beiber's "Baby." 

^Showing me his big muscles!

^No, Dad doesn't need to see. Haha.

^A little more fishing before we had back up for dinner.

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