Thursday, January 22, 2015

R. (Grand Rapids Boudoir Photographer)

January 22, 2015

Rosanna's session was amazing! Hers was another gift for her husband. This mother of two, as a lot of mom's are, was not sure how amazing she would look, but as you can see, she looked absolutely stunning. Though I usually pride myself in finding my ladies' "sassy face", Rosanna really rocked the smile shots. We know each other from back in our school days, and knowing her personality, that might be why I think so. You be the judge as you look at her awesome session!

Don't forget, we've got a few slots left for our boudoir marathon! Contact me via my website or if you are interested!

^Beautiful smile, Mama!

^This one is likely my very favorite!

^Love her smile shots, but that doesn't mean she didn't make the "sassy" look perfect.

^A pop of color!

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