Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dylan - Turning One Year Old (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

June 5, 2015

What a sweet little honey little "D" turned out to be. She came into the studio in her car seat, sitting so calm and collected. I went to say hello and she just looked at me like "Yeah, you're all right." She had a bit of an independent streak, as little ones often do once you start irritating them with a million photos, but she did great. What a pretty little girl!

Dylan brought her big sister, Avery, who of course snuck into a few shots. She even got some of Dylan's cake at the end! Lucky girl. She was adorable and sweet too, and always willing to help, even if it didn't work out so great every time.

Thanks to Dylan, Avery, and their mom and dad for coming to see me. You guys were lots of fun!

^What a sweet little smile!

^Still feeling okay with sitting still ;)

^Big, fun smiles!

^One of my favorites :)

^Trying to pop the balloons!

^Big sister Avery was more than willing to test out a few lighting shots!

^Definitely my favorite sister shot.

^The progression of "sitting still"

^A sweet little family.

^Time for some cake! She's dancing in the top left photo!


^Avery joins Dylan in the eating. She was much less messy about it ;)

^Awwww, sharing!

^Happy birthday, Dylan!
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