Tuesday, September 14, 2010

J'aime, Jennie, & 3J: Maternity Session

Labor Day Weekend, 2010

It's always fun to have a reason to go to Florida. And if it wasn't enough that one of my best friends and former roommate, Jessica, now lives and teaches down in the Sunshine State, her sister (and also friend and crusing buddy) is pregnant AND engaged and in need of some photography! What better excuse did I need?

Honestly, the trip couldn't have come at a better time. I was getting burnt out with everyday life and work and even though I had a ton of work lined up before and after Labor Day weekend, it was definitely worth taking the break. I made it down to the Orlando International Airport on Wednesday night, spent the next few days getting some sun and tan in the mid-90 degree and HUMID weather, and spent some great time with my friends, going to an improv comedy show, lounging on Daytona Beach and generally just relaxing!

Saturday and Monday were photo days for us. Jennie and J'aime (who got engaged during Jennie's baby shower, and I saw the video, so cute!) were in a good mood and took me to the beautiful Crane's Roost in Altamonte Springs. Afterwards, J'aime had to go to work so Jennie, Jessica and I went to Red Bug Lake Park in Winter Park to do some shots of just Miss Preggers on her own.

Although we had enough great shots from our first day of shooting, I am SOOO glad we went out again on Monday. We went to the Kraft Azaela Garden in Winter Springs and it was beautiful! Spanish moss growing all over the massive trees, a great lake backdrop and an awesome column structure made for great shots! I can't wait to go back again!

Anyway, to wrap this long post up, I'm so excited for J'aime and Jennie. 3J (short for J'aime Brunelle III) is due in November and he's going to have tons of family surrounding him and loving him! I can't wait to photograph him after he is born... AND there's his parents' wedding next year... I'm going to see a lot of the Brunelle family in the future! Love you guys!

^Here, we start out at a pretty place on a lake called Crane's Roost.

^Loving the fountain!

^This is an engagement photo, check out the ring! It was Jennie's grandmother's ring!

^3J is in there!

^Red Bug Lake Park... and Jennie!

^Mom plays with a couple of 3Js toy trucks.

^Dear God, thank you for the PERFECT location! This is day two at
the Kraft Azaela Garden.

^Rockin' the baby belly! Haha.

^Love it!

^Jennie and her sister, Jessica, who was my awesome assistant the whole time.
(Also one of my best friends and I think the official scrapbooker of 3J!)

^This Pound Puppy was J'aime's when he was a baby!

^Getting married next September! I'll be there!

^Thanks for your help, my dearest Ica P! That's her with her puppy, Lexi!
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