Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Swain Family

August 29, 2010

I always love to get together with former wedding friends and do photos with them again! Jessica and Bill were married last July in a huge wedding that was a blast! Since then, they've had TWO new additions to the family (and I don't mean twins...). Meet Cuda and Cam, two beautiful golden retriever puppies.

Honestly, I was surprised how great these guys behaved. Sure they were vey excited and it took a lot of dog wrangling (super special thanks to Jess's sister, Brandy, and her boyfriend, Brent, for their awesome assistance) but these guys did a great job and we got lots of awesome shots. These dogs are seriously beautiful dogs, and so so SO cute too!

It was a pleasure to work with Bill and Jess again. I look forward to seeing you two at Erin's wedding in September. I'm sure I'll snap you again there!

^Cuda is such a beautiful dog. He'sa not even a year old yet and such a beauty!

^You can vote for this little rascal in my photo contest, just click here!

^The whole family.

^Cam hangs out with Dad on the teeter-totter.

^Jess's sister, Brandy, the dog wrangler!

^Bill and Jess braved the river for a nice couple shot.

^Cuda in action.

^Took us awhile but we got them both with Brandy!

^Cuda is ready to cool down!
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