Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Love

Favors by Kristin Huyck, apple artist

Every now and then, I come across a wedding idea that is really unique and wonder "Why hasn't someone thought of this before???" The latest find is an amazing favor by a friend and photography assistant of mine, Kristin Huyck. Kristin grew up on her father's apple orchard, so she knows a thing or two about the fruity treat. Imagine her surprise when she realized you could imprint shapes on her apples! How you ask? It's a secret! You'll have to talk to Kristin about that!

Last year, Kristin married her husband, Jeremy, and used these pretty apples as favors for her own wedding, so she thought, why not give other people this creative touch for their wedding favors? Kristin has been experimenting with this process for 10 years now, and now that she has learned a lot about these imprints (which are all natural, by the way!), she's ready to share them with the world.

Being that apples ripen up only for the September and October months, these favors are, at least for now, strictly for fall weddings. But apples are a great sign of the season, and since it's such a popular time for weddings, it works out great here in Michigan! The variety available so far are the Gala apples for September weddings and Fujis for October. The photos you will see below are the Fuji variety and the imprinting produces the rich orange color. Galas imprint in a lighter, yellower tone. The photos show hearts below, but Kristin also offers a personalized letter as well.

Another great touch is, although you may purchase just the apples, she also has a cute little packaging option for each apple! It really gives the favor a great touch and looks beautiful on your wedding tables! If anyone is interested, feel free to contact me, or Kristin directly be emailing her at kristin.huyck@gmail.com. Tell her you are looking for some Apple Love!

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