Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bob & Pam: Together Forever

September 25, 2010

Usually, I deal  mostly with newlyweds. The cute couples who are experiencing marriage for the first time. Young, in love, and jumping headfirst into this crazy world together. For the first time, I got to experience photographing a ceremony celebrating not the new plunge into together, but 40 years worth of love, life, and happiness. Bob and Pam have been married 40 years since this past May. They have four grown children and many little grandkids, almost all of whom were present to witness the renewing of the vows they took before any of them were around.

Pam told me that she knew what she was looking for with her ceremony. Most importantly, the first time around, she and Bob didn't have as strong of a relationship with God as they do today. They also did their ceremony without all the usual flourishes, so Pam never really got her "special day" the way she would have liked. So she set about to make sure that this time, all those elements would be present (beautiful flowers, fancy cake, etc.), along with the family they built and a strong relationship they now have with the Lord.

One of my former couples was in attendance, as Bob and Pam are his parents. It is always nice to get to see my couples again! Dan and Sarah were married almost a year ago, and have a great pair of role models to make sure their marriage is a happy one! Also in attendance, were most of the grandkids, who are all just adorable!

Again, congrats on your "second marriage" Bob (he's quite the joker!), may your have another 40 wonderful years together!

^This is Isaac. I couldn't get enough of him. And his hat is so cute!

^After the vow renewal ceremony. Congrats Bob & Pam!

^All the grandkids. They are all so cute, and really were great for photos!

^The whole Fuller family!

^Somehow I accidently managed to leave these three out of the original post.
Luckily Pam saw it and let me know. We didn't forget about you :)

^Dan and Sarah, a couple of mine from last year. Their first
anniversary will be this Saturday, congrats you two!

^How to make a marriage work... always look at each other this way!

^Forty years is amazing, and they are such a sweet couple too!

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