Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Black Family

September 26, 2010

It's always fun when the people I work with are looking for a photographer. They always know who to call! I've done work for at least three coworkers so far, and another two (since they are in the same family) are now added to the list! Mary's family aren't always in the same place all at once (and unfortunately, not all of them were this time either), but most of the Black family were in Grand Haven visiting so we met at Joyce and Darld's home on the lake for some photos.

When I first walked up and looked off their deck, I was just in awe! Their home is perched high on the bluffs of Lake Michigan, so high up all you can see is lake... no beach, just water peaking out in between the trees as far as the eye can see! It was stunning. Not too mention, the sun was on its way down for the evening and the clouds were working their magic, so it was beautiful! Everyone was very easy going as we did a few photos of each family on the deck and then made our way (150 steps down!) to the beach.

Thank God for the beautiful evening! It was pleasant, not windy and again, the sky was perfect! We did a few of everyone again, including a couple great shots of one of my co-workers, Cheryl, and her husband Jason, and an awesome one of Mary's family jumping (they had it right on!). Although, one of my favorites has to be the one of Darld and Joyce looking out over the water. A suggestion from Ken, and it was PERFECT!

It was a good time in Grand Haven, and it was great adding another couple of work friends to my client list. Hope you guys like your photos, I know I do!

^These two are just so cute together. In love after all this time!

^Look at that view! I would love that to look forward to everyday.

^Always fun to do couples... I'm really good at those!

^Hugs for Dad.

^Mary was the reason I have my "regular" job, so I love getting to hang out with her family, the Cunninghams.

^The whole clan in front of Darld & Joyce's house.

^Another beautiful view, this time down at the beach.

^This is Cheryl, one of my co-workers, and Jason, "borrowing" the neighbors sailboat for my photo.

^Haha, they are so silly!

^A view of everyone from above because my battery died and I had to run all the way up to the house again.

^And look who followed me back down!

^Mary and Rick :-)

^Haha, this is great! A whole family of jumpers.

^The young ladies sneaking up on their uncles!

^The grandkids...

^On the way up to the house, had to stop for a detail shot.

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