Monday, October 18, 2010

Billy & Shannon: A Wedding

October 8, 2010

Shannon is a beauty! I knew it the moment I met her, which was last December when I shot engagement photos for her and her fiance, Billy. They were great sports, especially in the freezing temperatures, and I was happy with all the great photos we got. So as you can imagine, when I found out that not only was it going to be a beautiful day but that Shannon had an "old Hollywood" theme planned, with the awesome combo of black and white with red accents, I was pretty much giddy.

Jess and I hit the road early to be in the Detroit area on time. I do a lot of traveling for weddings, but this year is the first time I've done this many on the east side! Makes for some late nights, but I'm not sorry for this one at all! Jessica and her girls were getting ready, and looking gorgeous! After the beautiful Catholic ceremony at Saint Veronica's Catholic Church in Eastpoint, we got to take some awesome shots. I loved the red parasols the girls used too, they were a great touch! Some of my very favorite shots of the night.

The light was leaving us but we managed to get some cute ones of Billy and Shannon before the reception... and what a reception it was! Everyone was having an amazing time from the beginning, and FINALLY we had a group that was actually into the garter and bouquet toss. These people were diving for them, it was awesome (check out the end of the post for the photos!).

Anyway, I had a wonderful time working with you, Billy and Shannon. I hope your life together is as fabulous as your wedding! Congratulations!

^Billy's beautiful sister, gettin' pretty!

^Shannon's sister putting on her fab accessories.

^Perfect spot for a dress shot!

^Totally glam gloves.

^My beautiful bride! Shannon, you are GORGEOUS!

^A great shot of the church by Jess.

^Favorite girl shot EVER! Parasols are my favorite!

^I don't do the selective color effect much anymore
but it was perfect for this wedding!

^Work it, Shannon! I love it when brides have a good time doing photos!

^Our fine bridal party.

^Our handsome groom, Billy.

^Nice shot of the cake by Jess.

^Another great one from  Jess, love the perspective.

^A little blurry, but it sure gets the point across!
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