Monday, October 11, 2010

Walt & Melanie: A Wedding

October 2, 2010


I was so excited to go to Melanie and Walt’s wedding over in Lansing. First, Melanie and Walter are great, we did their engagement photos over in Silver Lake at the dunes and it was a great day (even though I strained a leg muscle in the process!), and second, I got to hang out with a few friends from a wedding last year. Melanie was a bridesmaid in her friend Sabrina’s wedding last July 4th, so many of the ladies in the bridal party were familiar faces, including Sabrina!

We got started on the windy, chilly, rainy day at Melanie’s parent’s house in Lansing (after I dropped my assistant, Misty, off at Walt and Melanie’s house for the guys’ photos). The weather never cooperated, but somehow we managed to get a ton of photos outside, whether it was at a beautiful stone mansion on the way to the church, the library in downtown Lansing, or the awesome willow tree outside the Lakeview Banquet and Event Center in Laingsburg.

I was completely floored by how beautiful the Lakeview Banquet Center was, by the way. The location was pretty on its own, just off of a lake with lots of character in the grounds, but the best part was the Walt’s aunt, who is amazing I must say, put together some amazing centerpieces, all fall themed of course, and really lit the place up. Every table was decorated differently, and the place was just exquisite! Her bouquets were beautiful too, I wanted to keep one for myself.

Walt and Melanie are such an awesome couple. I had a wonderful time chasing them around for photos all day. And they were having a great time at the reception, especially Walt, twirling all the ladies around during the dollar dance. It was great to work with everyone again, and congrats to one of my favorite couples. Thanks for letting me share your awesome day with you AND for being such great sports in the cold and wet weather! You guys are my heroes!

^Beautifully designed invite by Kélé Smith, one of the bridesmaids.

^Walt's aunt made these, I am amazed at how great she did!

^Our handsome groom at his beautiful home (these two shots are by Misty).

^The owners of this house were sweet enough to let us use their house as our backdrop. Isn't it pretty?

^"Cheerleader face" hehe.

^Melanie is beautiful! This was right before the wind stole her veil!

^These guys were all for playing on the train. Love them :-)

^Even though the wind was cold, it was very cooperative when we needed it to be.

^Having a great time (thanks for this shot, Misty!)

^Misty makes you guys look good! Although I suppose they were pretty good looking anyway. Haha.

^This is what you get when photographing under gale-force winds.

^I could have shot under this willow for hours, but we only had ten minutes!

^Another fine piece by Misty Minna.

^Don't usually do this but here are the lovely ladies who I got to hang out with for
the second time. Here's Kélé with her husband, Tom.

^My lovely couple from 2009, Sabrina and Evan!

^Last but not least, Leslie and Aaron.

^My favorite person to watch during the first dance is always the groom,
he always shows how much he loves his lady. Walt is crazy about Melanie!

^Love the gourds for my ring shots!

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