Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Cakes Design

Baby Cakes

I just adore sweets, and anyone who follows my blog should know about my love affair with cake... or cupcakes at least. So when given the opportunity to put two loves together, as I did with my cupcake project this winter, I jump at the chance. But this is so much more fun than the Cupcake Project was!

First of all, I got to work with Sweet Cakes Design of Belmont again. Last year, Barb and her crew put together a "bridesmaid cake" for my birthday/photo project in Febraury. Yummy... So of course I thought of her again when Monica, a former bride of mine, wanted to do her son's 1st birthday photos with me. I had dreamed of doing it last year, probably with just a little homemade cupcake or two. Then I saw another photographer's post with a little girl demolishing a professional cake (I better give her credit for it too, check out the Capturing Subtlities blog to see Coraline's cake adventure...), I fell in love with the idea!

The cake Sweet Cakes had for me was just a little thing, but it was the perfect size for Noah. It was a shame to put the cake to what would obviously be it's destruction at the hands of a one-year-old, but the adorable images were worth the sacrifice (view Noah's cake session here). Plus, I had Barb make a couple cupcakes to go with, so Monica, Josh, and I could get a taste of the fun too!

I absolutely LOVED this session, and I would be THRILLED to get to do it again. Anyone with kids that have a birthday coming up, give me a call! I would love to have another Sweet Cake session!

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