Monday, October 19, 2015

Julianna Rose: Nine Months (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

September 25, 2015

My little squish has hit another milestone. This time, we did all studio photos of Julie in her fall clothes... and a pretty little Etsy romper :) So many cool things in my first time shooting at the new studio. And Julie can now sit up perfectly and crawl, so that was helpful in our next shoot!

Grandma Patti (my mom) had come to visit and I wasn't even sure what to use for Julie's other outfit for her photos (it's been a busy couple months lately), but she brought Julie the PERFECT outfit, so I knew we were good to go for the session! Ellie, one of Julie's best pals, was having her 1 year photos, so we made it a tandem shoot. Here are the shots I got of Julie, who was a lovely little subject. I always like 9 month photos!

^Being SOOOOO sweet!

^Trying very hard to balance on the chair.

^Surprise face!

^This was just by accident, she was checking herself out in the mirror!

^This set was perfect for her outfit!

^Escaping in the cutest way possible.

^My pretty lady.

^Happy girl!

^We already posted all the cute ones of the two of them so we'll sneak at least ONE of Ellie in here ;)

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