Thursday, October 1, 2015

Mia: Pretty Little Lady (West Michigan Children's Photographer)

September 26, 2015

Every once and awhile, a little lovely kidlet, like Miss Mia here, doesn't want to do her photos. It started out well, but after a bit of up and down, Mia decided that this photo stuff is ridiculous. She wasn't mad at me (which happens occasionally too!), but she really didn't want to pose for photos without her mom, Katrina. Despite the gorgeous day and lovely backdrop (her mother and my alma mater, Grand Valley State University's Allendale campus), we couldn't convince her otherwise. Even a few phone calls to her grandma couldn't talk her into it.

Even though we couldn't talk Mia into any more shots alone, we were able to get a few great shots of her (the first set before she got mad and some where Mom hid from the camera behind the star of the show), and she got to show off her smile after all. Thanks for making me work for it, Mia. Not every job can be an easy one! ;)

^Silly faces while she was still into it ;)

^What a little precious!

^Here's where things started to go downhill!

^A quick shot before she gets mad at us for putting her down again (she loves that phone!)

^Even though it wasn't a "Mom and me" session, we got lots of cute ones of Mia and Katrina together!

^Sneaky Mom is hiding behind Mia!

^Wearing her big sister's old dress. It works!
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