Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Brett & Remi: Engaged! (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

May 26, 2020

Finally being able to get out and do a couple session for their engagement was a dream come true. Meeting Brett and Remi, finally, was a great bonus as well. They are such a cute couple with great plans for an intimate wedding ceremony later this year (which they planned BEFORE 2020 went crazy!) and it was great to finally get to spend some time with the two of them.

Their session started at their home, which is a big trend this year now anyway, and was really pretty perfect. It's such an important place to so many couples, sometimes it's just as perfect as a photography spot! We then went to a nearby trail along Plaster Creek and got some nature photos of the two of them. I'm in LOVE!

I am so excited for their wedding in a few months, and it's going to be more nature and happiness, what could be better?

^Home sweet home!

^Even though the irises weren't blooming yet, they still work in this shot!

^This little friend was not worried about us much at all!

^PERFECT spot!

^Absolutely adorable.


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