Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby J'aime

February 28, 2011

Back in September, on my last visit to the Palmers' house, I photographed Jennie and J'aime, newly engaged and definitely pregnant. This little fella here is the result of those 9 months of maternity. He's such a sweet little man, and at three and a half months, little J'aime Brunelle II (aka 3J) is already such a big boy! Although he was a little leery of the camera, he was still great at keep his eyes on me while I was snapping. And once we through his daddy and two of his favorite aunties in the mix, Jolene and Jessica (the smile crew), he was a happy little guy with lots of smiles to share!

Jennie and J'aime (II) will be getting married. As expected, I will be in attendance, so we will soon see more of this little man. Maybe he will be walking by then. Can't wait!

^Look at those EYES! So big and blue and pretty!

^Being coy with Mama.

^Trying to stand up!

^He's got a thing about eating his hands right now. Silly boy.

^Modeling a cute little hat!

^A little bare chest action with Daddy.

^I love this one. What a cute little smile.

^The family with their shades.

^The Brunelle's.

^I love this one with Jolene and Jess. Promise they didn't upset him. He was just getting tired!

^That's better!

^Toes with Auntie Jessica.

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