Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Engaged: John & Alyssa (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

September 17, 2022

When we were scheduling John and Alyssa's engagement session, mid September in downtown Grand Rapids sounded like a perfect idea. That is, until I realized THAT WEEK that GR's big art show, ArtPrize, was starting two days before their session. However, it was just too nice to risk a reschedule and thankfully, despite the crowds, you'd never know we were surrounded from their photos.

I hadn't met John and Alyssa yet, at least not in person, so it was good to put faces to names. They were really great about all the wandering we had to do for the cool spots along the river. And we got some awesome GR landmarks in the photos, despite the busy sidewalks!

Next up for these two, their wedding in May! I'll be there and I can't wait to spend their big day with the two of them and their families. Congrats to you both and thanks again for driving out to the west side for me!

It had been too long since I got to wander around downtown!

LOVE living walls like this one!

Snuggles by the river.

Making use of some interesting lighting!

Together :D

Awesome spot :D

And we finish with some skyline shots :D

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Engaged: Shawn & Brittany (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

September 15, 2022

The best of both worlds! 

My friend and coworker, Brittany, is getting married next year, yay! And I was super pumped when she wanted me to do engagement photos for her and her fiancé, Shawn. He currently resides out of state while he finished flight school, but since he was in town for a few weeks this September, we were able to fit in a session that mixed the best of both worlds for the couple.

As mentioned, Shawn is finishing up flight school, and so we thought it was be awesome to do part of their shoot with a plane! Special thanks to Shawn's awesome friend who let us borrow his for the session. 

Afterwards, we made Brittany's beach session dreams come true but running on over to Grand Haven State Park and the pier to get a few of the two of them with their feet in the sand. We caught the lakeshore JUST at sunset and it was absolutely beautiful. What a perfect night and a perfect session!

Congrats Brittany and Shawn. I am so excited for both of you!

Brittany, you are so gorgeous!

That SUN though!

Only room for a couple in the tiny cockpit but we made it happen.


"Take my breathe away..." (wrong plane, same vibes!)

Loving all the different gems in engagement rings these days!

And now... to the beach!

What a glow!

I had to get them at least a little bit in the water ;)

Ahhhh perfect!
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