Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Owen: Cake Smash! (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

August 25, 2012

This adorable little guy is about to turn 1-year-old. To celebrate, his mom and dad, Melanie and Walt (who are a former bride and groom of mine!) brought him to see me and enjoy a fun cake smash session. I could not believe how happy and cheerful Owen was. He was so smiley (showing off all the teeth he's got already!) and enjoyed himself, even with my big ol' camera in his face. He liked it, and even wanted to see it for himself. We played with his beach ball and watched the geese, even did a little swinging on the baby swing before it was time for cake.

When that time finally came, Owen wasn't qutie sure what we wanted him to do! I don't think he knew that the whole thing was all for him! Walt helped him out by sticking his hands way down in the frosting (and there was LOTS of it!) so he would get the idea. It worked. He was still very cautious, and mostly enjoyed the fondant circles, but he had a great time and even clapped at the end... all done!

Thanks for being such a sweetie, Owen, and to Walt and Melanie for visiting me with your adorable little man. I'll hopefully be seeing the two of them later this year at a wedding! :-)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dagen & Eli (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

August 23, 2012

Pam brought her boys to see me last week for a nice quick shoot at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids. It's a great place to photograph, aside from the hundreds of geese pretty much running the show over there... we managed to stay away from them fairly well and proceeded with a successful photo session. The guys were fun to work with and we had a good time together, the four of us. Thanks for coming to visit me!

^Sometimes the first shot is one of my favorites!

^It feels fitting that we got the geese in at least one shot.

^My favorite of Dagen.

^Eli showing off his climbing skills.

^Boys will be boys!

^Mom gets in on the last one!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Dustin + Caitlin: A Kalamazoo Wedding (Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer)

August 11, 2012

Dustin and Caitlin have been so much fun to work with so far. I met them last summer when they chose me as their photographer, with special thanks to Caitlin's friend, Allie, who recommended me to the two of them. Then we got together again in October to do their engagement photos, on such a fabulously gorgeous day with so much amazing color that I just couldn't stand it. After such a long heat spell, their wedding was a breath of fresh air as the temps stayed in the 70s which was perfect for everyone in the bridal party, and myself included!

We headed to Kalamazoo and found the church (despite all the one-way streets trying to stop us!) and spent a few hours doing photos with all the girls and guys. After the ceremony, though the sky was clouding over, we were able to get lots of great photos, fit for a fairy tale wedding. Caitlin has always been such a sweetheart and she looked radiant on her wedding day. The dress was a perfect one for her, and even the honeymoon... Disney World and a cruise... seemed fit for this awesome couple. It's been awesome working with the two of you and I wish you the very best!

Ceremony: First Methodist Church of Kalamazoo
Hair: Regis Salon, Crossroads Mall (Portage, MI)
Florals: Floral Creations by Sharon (Kalamazoo, MI)
Tuxes: President Tuxedo (Portage, MI)
Trolley: B&W Charters (Kalamzoo, MI)
Reception: Orchard Hills Golf Club (Shelbyville, MI)
DJ: Mobile Entertainment
^Love the old churches like this, so big and pretty for photos!

^Loved the flowers by Sharon, the subtle pink looks so good!

^My assistant Misty, the shoe guru, did this one ;-)

^Yup, I definitely expected a princessy dress for Caitlin!


^The guys, although not all of them were ready yet! Hurry up guys! Haha.

^Looking good, Dustin!

^Big churches mean BIG sanctuaries!

^Awwww, so happy :-)

^Doing their famous dip in front of the church!

^Love this one! We should have gotten the whole party out here!

^One of my favorites!

^So cute! Love these two.

^Wonderful back lighting.

^I believe Caitlin made all her invites! Great work.

^They went to Disney World as part of their honeymoon... :-)

^This little guy was such a good sport. We kept telling him "one more photo" and never stopped. He did well!

^Misty's side of the couple during the slideshow. Haha.

^Thanks again to Allie (my favorite bridesmaid ;) for referring Caitlin to me. This is the second wedding she found me for, so thanks so much dear!
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