Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Top 100 of 2020

December 31, 2020

It's widely agreed that this year has not been one for the record books. And certainly not in a good way. But despite all of the terrible that happened, there were spots of light, and some of them were VERY bright. 

Photographically, I'm certainly not upset about the year that was. I know there would have been quite a few more wedding images that I could have added to this list, but we'll just have to see their smiling faces in 2021. Somethings are worth looking forward to!

Doing my Top 100 is always a great way to look back and reflect on the year that was. And, at least based on this list, 2020 wasn't so bad after all. Despite that, I know so many people had to rearrange so many things that were very important to them, and I feel for every single one of you. I had to do a ton of it myself. 

The year 2020 was the year that could have been. But it did give us time to be thankful and hopeful of better in the future. I hope that 2021 holds much better for all of us, but let's celebrate those bright points where they did occur. Happy New Year!

100. Our front porch

99. Michael & Justine's kiss

98. Golden hour

97. Spring bouquet (by Posh Petals)
96. The boys

95. Jason & Kourtney

94. I love you, Mom

93. Let me show you

92. Diamonds

91. Bridal bouquet (by Mitten Floral)

90. Non-traditional details

89. Jungle

88. Ruins

87. Aunt Cara

86. Sunet on Lake Michigan

85. Zach & Aly

84. Lil Pumpkin

83. Explorer in the making

82. the Boet Family

81. Skull

80. Our best day

79. Gino

78. Macarons (by Sweet Heather Anne)

77. I F***ing LOVE YOU!

76. Emotion

75. Photographer in the making

74. Dance

73. Hannah's Dress

72. Debonair

71. A little help from Mom

70. Rings

69. Finishing touches

68. Contentment

67. Family

66. Walk with me

65. Jake & Emily

64. Little Heartthrob

63. Under the Willow Tree

62. Wardrobe Malfunction

61. Zalal & Hniangtha

60. Goldenrod

59. Winter dreams

58. On the farm

57. Traditional Garb

56. Little boys in sunflowers

55. Laugh with me

54. Best. Day. EVER.

53. Goth Glam

52. Hold me close

51. Breezes

50. Jacob & Amanda

49. That Just-Married Feeling

48. Dockside

47. Kitty on the Counter

46. Taylor & Gino

45. Smoky Mountain Backdrop

44. Sunset on Gun Lake

43. Wildflowers

42. Hold On

41. Together

40. Newborn Dreams

39. Trent & Cara

38. Pigeon Forge

37. Bridal

36. That's My Boy!

35. The New Mr. & Mrs.

34. Twirl

33. Sunset Together

32. Kara & Byron

31. Real Happiness

30. Bay Pointe Woods

29. Colorful downtown Howell

28. Fierce

27. Jessica

26. Through the Woods

25. Hold on Tight

24. Here She Comes

23. Bundle of Joy

22. Mad Hatter

21. Garden

20. Family Fun - the Dao and Ronas family spent time together for Christmas, in comfy fashion!

19. Peter & Diane of the Garden View Barn - love the way he looks at her!

18. Jeff and Jill waited so long for their little one, and she's finally here!

17. Best friends are priceless!

16. Mandy's wedding wasn't what she originally expected, but she's got plans! In the meantime - GLAM!

15. Trekking up to the Silver Lake dunes was well worth it for Zalal and Hniangtha's gorgeous engagement session!

14. This image means even more considering Chelsea recently lost her battle with cancer. Her family and especially daughter, Lillian, will always remember her strong and beautiful love for them!

13. The countdown isn't complete without an image from my favorite place in the world. This shot is way back in the Hiawatha National Forest while on our annual summer trip (which I'm so thankful we were still able to take this year!)

12. That look in their eyes is all this photo needs to be a favorite!

11. Gorgeous bride from the Nectere workshop I attended back in February. 

10. One of the biggest losses was being able to give my sister and her husband the big and amazing wedding I was hoping for them to have. It was tons smaller but no less beautiful!

9. Daddy's little Wyatt, tiny and brand new, but safe in those strong hands.

8. This woman has spent the last two years working abroad, but I was glad to do a shoot with her on a stop home this summer. Gracie is her beloved horse, and they are both gorgeous!
Floral crown by Sweet Petals Design.

7. One second shooting job this year, and SO MANY beautiful images. It's hard to NOT to get some amazing shots with a beautiful bride like Marissa!

6. Beautiful and dramatic look from the Nectere workshop at Jerica in Kalamazoo.

5. Larry and Jacquelyn's wedding was one of the most beautiful events I was able to attend this year. Bay Pointe Woods is gorgeous, and this couple was even more gorgeous!

4. A LOT of sweat and tears went into making Craig and Anastasia's wedding day the understated affair it turned out to be. It wasn't what they envisioned when they got engaged, but it was one of the most perfect of the whole summer. I'm super glad I made the trip to the UP for it!

3. This fabulous shot is definitely one of my favorites. Marissa and Paul's backyard wedding day was amazing and so was the lighting when we went out back to get the last photos of the night. Thanks to Mandy for entrusting me with helping for your baby sister's big day!

2. There's nothing better than a beautiful bridal sweet, a beautiful bride, and a beautiful mountain backdrop. My sister's wedding day was so perfect in so many ways!


1. Gino and Taylor's wedding had to change a lot due to restrictions but everything about their ceremony and their month-later reception was perfect. This image has so much color and happiness in it, it's everything that I strive for in my wedding photography!

Happy New Year 2021! I hope we have even MORE amazing images this time next year!

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