Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jason & Tori: Engaged! (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

March 21, 2014

Jason and Tori weren't going to do a regular engagement session. We just were going to meet up to meet each other for the first time. They live in Ohio and were up visiting family (happy birthday, Tori!) and so we planned to get together and chat for a bit about their June wedding. As it turned out, Tori says that she and Jason don't have a lot of photos together so... engagement session! Though the wind was blowing and it was definitely a little chilly, it was a pretty beautiful day for a photo shoot in downtown Grand Rapids, so off we went.

These two are a blast to work with. They were pretty much naturals in front of the camera, and they weren't afraid to get a little close as well (it's good practice for wedding photos!). Jason was very funny and Tori's eyes were made to be photographed, so it was lots of fun. I think all in all we had a pretty good time for this session. I'm so glad they chose to do it.

They are getting married in just three short months, so you'll see the two of them again soon!


^One of my favorites.

^Everyone loves the blue bridge.


^Sometimes you catch those 'real' moments!

^Probably my favorite of Tori!

^Sometimes you just can't help it ;)

^Such a great couple.

^See you two in June!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Little Luke (Northern Michigan Newborn Photography)

March 14, 2014

When I find out a former bride and groom of mine are having a baby, I get so excited! Not all of my couples bring their little ones to me, but I am so thrilled when they do. This couple, Dustin and Lisa, were one of my very earliest weddings, way back in my third year of photographing. It's been a little bit since they got married but they finally decided to add a little someone to their family. And it's Luke! Though Harley (the dog) has been their baby for years, Luke was a very welcome and well-loved addition to the family.

Harley was more into being photographed than little Luke was, so we got a lot of nice shots of our canine model in between feedings - and boy was Luke hungry when I came to visit! Though it was a longer session and we didn't get a ton of photos, I think we all did a good job. Special thanks to Grandma Jody for her help during the session as well. Lisa, you're already a great mom and I hope to see your little family again soon.

^Getting ready for photos!

^Harley's trying to help!

^This was the place he liked best.

^Awww what a cutie!

^Nice and snuggly. Luke, you are adorable! This is my favorite shot.

^Brothers :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Adam & Lauren: Engaged (Detroit Metro Wedding Photographer)

March 8, 2014

No doubt about it, I absolutely love working with people. I was just telling my husband the other day that, while I love taking scenic and artistic images, my passion really lies with photographing people. And photographing people who are enthusiastic about being photographed is even better. Lauren is just that... when we met up about photographing her wedding last August, it was awesome as we looked through images every time she said "Oh I remember this one!" and "I love that one, I remember seeing it on your blog!". She's great. And so is the family she's marrying into. I've photographed both of her fiancé, Adam's sister's weddings now. I'm going 3 for 3 with their wedding this July.

One of the many wretched snowstorms this winter delayed our first scheduled engagement shoot back in January. But we had MUCH better travelling (and shooting) weather this weekend and we finally made it happen. Lauren, who pays attention to detail and was a great help in finding great locations in an area I'm not familiar with, led myself and Adam to a few cool spots. She's got a good eye, I have to say. We even finished up at the bar that she and Adam met at. It's always awesome to throw a little of your own history into your engagement session.

Just like the other members of their family whom I have photographed, these two are a pleasure to work with. They are both fun-loving, outgoing and they enjoyed themselves through our session. I'm even more excited for their wedding now! Oh, hurry up, summer!

^Look at that think sparkle!


^Love these!

^We found out just before this shot that we weren't supposed to shoot at this location. Still had to get one more shot!

^Visiting downtown Rochester Hills and I found some IVY!

^I requested she wear her scarf. I'm kind of a scarf fanatic :)

^They had thought about bringing their dog but ended up deciding against it. This one is a stand in ;)

^The one on the left is my favorite, I think!

^This is where they met. Love it!

^Can you tell I REALLY like her ring?

^One of the waitresses let them go behind the bar. Perfect ending to a great session.
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