Thursday, April 29, 2010

The New Face of JRPhoto

My new website

After about a month's wait, I am FINALLY proud and eager to announce the launch of my brand new website, fully flash and fully fabulous, JennaRosePhotography.Com. It is complete with everything my old site had; pricing, photo galleries, a link to my lovely little blog (thanks for stopping, by the way!). But its got a ton of new features as well... a music player to add to the mood, full galleries with a shopping cart function for easy order, an animated calendar to show my availability.

I love the site and I truly hope you all do too! Feel free to take a look around and enjoy. I can't wait to keep exploring what is in store for JRPhoto this year, this is only the beginning!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Jenna and the Tulips

April 23, 2010

To start off my weekend, I spent the afternoon with one of my former wedding clients, Andy & Rachael, do some portraits of Rachael's daughter, another Jenna Rose! We met up in the beautiful Centennial Park in Holland, MI, home of West Michigan's Tulip Time. The colors are amazing this time of year and it made for a perfect setting for some spring portraits.

Jenna loves having her photo taken and she has lots of ideas of her own so we didn't run out of fun places and poses to do with her. We wandered out of the park and around downtown Holland with our cadre of props (balloons, a lollypop, her Animorphs book, a rose for Jenna Rose...) and had a great time in the process.

And now a couple crazy shots... Jenna has quite the personality, this is one of my faves of her! She's a fun kid!
Sorry, Andy, I couldn't resist! He was so kind and held all the props while I did the shoot... thanks Andy!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


March 12, 2010

Anyone who knows me as a photographer KNOWS that I'm pretty strictly a portraitist. Being a wedding photographer, that comes as no surprise. Sure, I through in the occasional landscape or bouquet for "dramatic effect" (hehe) but I have always been and probably always will be, by and large, a portraitist.

During the end of the winter 'dry season', I traveled down to Portage to meet up with my buddy, Josh, and his friend, Andy (and his cute little boy, Declan) to do some nature shots. It was a pretty dreary day and I've let those photos sit for over a month on the memory card, but today I decided to delve into the stores and try to find something a little different... not people and not bright and colorful... what to you guys think?

This one isn't so nature-y but I loved the perspective it creates.

I guess I had to throw in a couple of these other shots... Josh, Andy, Declan and I made another trip to downtown Kalamazoo on a much brighter but COLDER day in April and I got these awesome colors out of the blossoms!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Jake & Claire: An Engagement

April 11, 2010

It's not every day you get to make up for two opportunities that passed you by! Enter Jacob and Claire, an amazingly fun couple who popped into my life just last week to help me do just that. They not only requested my photo services for their wedding on a date I missed out on (in June, no less, which is surprisingly lacking in weddings for me this year) AND they are getting married in Saugatuck, somewhere I am just itching to take a look at this year!

Claire is a busy lady these days, working on planning a wedding in less than two months! She's also working and finishing up her degree at the same time! Jake and Claire requested to meet me down in St. Joe's, a long drive but a beautiful place on Lake Michigan. They picked a wonderful day as well, and although the wind off the lake made it a little chilly, we were able to get TONS of fun and exciting photos to (quickly!) announce their engagement before their wedding at the beginning of June.

These two are definitely a fun pair, not to mention up for anything and obviously totally in love. They are one of the most refreshing couples to be around! We explored Silver Beach for all sorts of fun shots. I can't even say how excited I am for their wedding! Thanks to you both and I hope you LOVE your photos!

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