Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Top 100 of 2015

December 23, 2015

As many of you may have noticed, I kind of like blogging. I get so much enjoyment from posting my photos and showing them off to my fans and clients! And I LOVE organizing things, so doing the Top 100 is a lot of fun for me. It's HARD, though, to pick only 100 images that you want to share from the whole year. These last few years have had so many weddings and sessions, it's nearly impossible to get them down to just 100. I've done it again, however, and would love you to take a look and see if any of your favorites have made the cut. Do you agree with my favorite? Let me know what you think!

100. Erin dances at her wedding reception.

99. Ryan and Heather smooch for their engagement session.
 98. A birthday snack for Johnny.

97. Happy, happy Allison.
96. Class of 2016, Lauren.

95. Julie in the pumpkin patch.

94. Getting ready for Elliott's next set during his newborn session.

93. Livvy and her Mommy.

92. Beautiful spring bouquet for Alex.

91. A rice send off for Jared and Jennifer.

90. Frank and his groomsmen.

89. A nice moment between Erik and Katie.

88. ArtPrize winner of 2014 (taken at this year's event).

87. Sisters!

86. Beautiful Mary.

85. Frank and Sam, in love.

84. Mary and Jeff's first dance.

83. Boutonniere by Tracy Park (for our styled shoot).

82. Kevin, Jessica, and their wedding party.

81. Glassware for Jordon and Alex's wedding.

80. Erik and Katie's chilly engagement session.

79. Brandon and the boys at his reception ready for the garter toss.

78. Julie and her big grin.

77. Beautiful colors in Holland this spring.

76. Scott and Adrianna kiss on the lake.

75. Addyson gets a smooch from Mommy.

74. Amanda and some gorgeous light.

73. Daddy kisses his daughter on his wedding day.

72. Jordon and Alex through the branches.

71. Alex's wedding earrings.

70. Jennifer's afterglow.

69. Sunset with Tony and Sam.

68. Jennifer on her wedding day.

67. White River Light Station.

66. Allie in the greenhouse.

65. Sam is gorgeous in blue.

64. Brandon got Erin the ring she wanted for a wedding gift.

63. Kyle and Lauren ready to welcome little William.

62. Julie in a basket at three-months-old.

61. Rainy day tree in Holland.

60. Mary and her bridesmaids.

59. Rosanna laughs.

58. Katie marries the love of her life on a brilliant sunny afternoon.

57. Julie smashes her birthday cake.

56. Mia among the petunias.

55. Ellie turns "1".

54. Leaves in the yard.

53. Kris and John are ready for their pumpkin to arrive.

52. Erik and Katie, engaged.

51. Married in Grand Rapids.

50. Frank and Sam and their wedding party at WMU.

49. Lauren and the wildflowers.

48. Lindsey and Bryan are married.

47. Julie meets Lake Michigan.

46. Tory and Krysten by the lake.

45. Dreaming of baby.

44. Farm photos on Brandon and Erin's wedding day.

43. Ellie loves to ride.

42. Geometry and a wedding party.

41. Julie's Christmas session.

40. Erik and Katie on their wedding day.

39. Josie, brand new.

38. Sisterly love.

37. Smoldering looks from Amanda.

36. Kissing in front of the blue door.

35. A little wine between friends.

34. Heather claims her groom.

33. Livvy plays in the blankets.

32. Apples for Julie.

31. Beautiful Kim waiting for baby.

30. Fenn is ready for his close up.

29. Alex and Logan on the dock.

28. Scott and Adrianna at sunset.

27. Beautiful hair on Katie's wedding day.

26. Sam and Tony in a secret spot.

25. Adrianna surrounded by her closest friends.

24. Sam laughs after her wedding.

23. Heather and Ryan, in love.

22. Addyson's big smile.

21. The perfect shot of Amanda.

20. Cake by It's Personal by Sweet Cakes, styling by Tracy Park of Park Place Design.

19. Perfect family photo of Jared, Jennifer, Fenn and Toby.

18. Wedding party alley walk.

17. Angelic Julie.

16. Cheers in the back of the limo.

15. Jessica marries Kevin.

14. Bike on the lakefront.

13. Jennifer and Fenn.

12. Scott gazes at his new bride.

11. Bride and bridesmaid dresses... in wine colors :)

10. Lauren works her senior session.

9. Ellie in the flowers.

8. Jamie and some perfect lighting.

7. Heather loves Ryan.

6. Beautiful Allie in our styled shoot.

5. Ryan and Bethany under the willow.

4. Erin on her wedding day.
3. Love at the Boathouse.

2. Sunlight spilling onto Adrianna and Scott.
And... this year's FAVORITE...
1. Jennifer and Fenn.

What did you think? Comment on Facebook to tell us your favorite image!!! Have a wonderful New Year!
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