Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Adore": Wine on the Beach with Paul + Rachael

May 14, 2012

Part two of Paul and Rachael's engagement session took place at Kirk Park, a beautiful little beach on Lake Michigan, just south of Grand Haven. We put together a cute little set up for these two wine lovers, complete with their own personalized wine bottle (thank you, Kristin Huyck). We made sure to have a little fun on the beach before the sun was ready to go down, and when it did, it was time for a little drink and some "time alone" for our happy couple.

Thanks again to Paul and Rachael. Can't wait to see the two of you again in August for the big day!

^Gotta love a little backlighting.

^So happy together.

^Sorry Paul, looks like the sun is RIGHT in your eyes!

^Love this one!

^Rachael's hair was NOT cooperating for this shot. Haha.

^Grabbing a little shade on our way to get the wine!

^Found this cute little lantern at Menards. It now hangs outside of my front door :)

^"Adore" (aka Burgandy, a red wine from Duplin Winery in North Carolina) was the wine of choice for the evening.

^Paul sets about opening the bottle...

^Well done!


^We moved our revised set up down to the water to watch the sun go down.

^It's love!

^How did I know this would happen?!?

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