Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mandy (Grand Rapids Lifestyle Photography)

October 7, 2018

Lifting women up is my new goal when it comes to photography these days. Supporting and being there for others is big these days and with good reason. And photography is how I am able to do my part in the female community.

In addition to my wedding and portrait photography, many of you know about my other photography venture, Silhouette Boudoir. I do everything boudoir and also GLAM sessions, lifestyle shoots, head shots, you name it! One of my friends and fellow wedding photographer, Mandy, was looking for some updated head shots as well as some more informal lifestyle type shots, and I was happy to do it! As part of the boudoir event I did in early October, I rented an Airbnb, which was so adorable, so we made use of it for Mandy's session.

Mandy is beautiful, inside and out and it's always a pleasure to help bring that out in images. All photographers need some photos of themselves once and awhile. Check out what we were up to a couple weeks back!

^Two jobs, home owner, working LIKE A BOSS ;)


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Ryan & Kristin: Engaged! (West Michigan Wedding Photographer)

October 11, 2018

This was a session I was definitely looking forward to! Kristin is a friend and fellow creative colleague of mine and, recently she found the person she's ready to spend the rest of her life with! She and Ryan bonded over bean bag toss (cornhole for those of you who prefer that term ;) ) and then their relationship blossomed into mutual love for each other, apples and Chris Stapleton music. Next summer, these two are tying the knot in Northern Michigan, but we had to be sure to get photos at the orchard for the engagement session.

Kristin's family owns an apple orchard, and it's beautiful, especially in the fall. Though the day we chose was gloomy, we got some amazing lighting and colors from it so I'm not too mad about it. I can't wait to be a part of the wedding, but for now, enjoy these two lovebirds on the farm!

^"Come 'ere, you!"



^Apple love.

^Just doing some apple picking and smooching, you know...

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Jeff & Stephanie: Engaged! (Mid Michigan Wedding Photographer)

October 7, 2018

October is a beautiful month. But it can also be a very dreary month. I always end up with a lot of session in October because of all the changing colors. And even when it does get gloomy, I still cheer when a session isn't rained out because the colors on a rainy day are so rich and perfect!

Jeff and Stephanie's engagement session occurred on a day just like this. Even though I had been warm and cozy inside before heading out to East Lansing, and would have been happy getting rained out at the time, I'm so glad we chanced it and made the trip. It was more than worth it (and the slightly damp clothes from the drops of rain we came across during the shoot!).

These two are getting married just about a year from now and I can't wait to be there with them on their big day! Hopefully we'll have a near perfect day then too. Cross those fingers!

^Look at that color! 


^Love this little set.

^Outfit (and attitude!) change :) 

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