Monday, December 31, 2018

Top 100 of 2018

December 31, 2018

It's New Years Eve and what better way to say goodbye to 2018 than my annual Top 100 post? I love doing the Top 100 posts. They are so hard to decide on but so worth looking back on all of the awesome people and places I was able to shoot throughout the year. This year has really been pretty amazing and I hope for an even better 2019.

Did your favorites make the list? Check them all out below!

100. Ashlee, Class of 2019

99. Kyle and Cara's wedding party on Gun Lake

98. Cherry picking in Traverse City

97. The lovely Ms. Hien

96. Baby Kasen

95. Candy and John tie the knot

94. Wes and Rhonda

93. Hot cocoa with best friends (sisters!)

92. Cara on her wedding day

91. A happy bride

90. The boys

89. Angela's rose bouquet

88. Bay Pointe Inn at night

87. Announcing the bride and groom!

86. the lovely Krysta

85. Sunset at my favorite place in the world

84. Shoes on!

83. Kenny and Megan

82. Mama and her baby :)

81. Mike and Sarah

80. Wedding arches for Alex and Danielle

79. My father-in-law meets an old goat!

78. Kyle and Cara on the dock

77. Mandy looks good in GLAM

76. Summer bride and bridesmaids

75. Love between Jay and Stephanie

74. Flowers at Bay Pointe

73. A muted feather and floral arrangement

72. Rob's big smile

71. Kisses at the top of the city

70. Bridal laughs

69. Jeff and Stephanie

68. Jay and Stephanie

67. Baby gourds

66. Drummer boy

65. Sunlight, back light

64. That gown!

63. Bridal boudoir ;)

62. Geometric GLAM

61. On Gun Lake

60. Sarah and Mike at sunset

59. Waves on Lake Michigan

58. Sweet centerpieces

57. Apple kisses

56. Happy family

55. Lacing up the dress

54. Wedding day laughter

53. Kisses for Christa and Ricky

52. Sweet perfection

51. Silly Simon

50. My angelic Grandma

49. Alex and Danielle

48. Sweet Lu (my princess!)

47. Cake cutting

46. Sweet moment with Megan and Kenny

45. Daisies in a mason jar

44. Ricky's happiest day

43. Rhonda and Wes

42. Best friends

41. So happy together

40. True love

39. Heart breaker

38. Future heart breaker

37. Ladies on the Blue Bridge

36. Summer's evening

35. Wedding bliss

34. Thanks, Mom.

33. Yellow

32. Real smiles

31. Birthday Kath

30. That old Ford

29. Sunshine in my life

28. All that glitters

27. Bridal beach fun

26. Glow

25. Twydell family

24. Youthful glow

23. Pearls and flip flops

22. Sunset kiss

21. Best bouquet

20. First dance

19. Greencrest Manor

18. More beautiful colors

17. Stephanie glows

16. I'm with the band

15. Genuine happiness

14. Barefoot bride

13. Perfect touches

12. Gorgeous Christa

11. Mommy' girl

10. Ryan got Kristin a gorgeous sapphire engagement ring. It paired perfectly with the rusty old Ford. Things like this will get BETTER with time!

9. Sarah's twirl is only matched by the look in her eyes when she looks at her new husband, Mike

8. Ricky and Christa's Grand River kiss was the shot I always thought would be my favorite for this year. It didn't quite get there but I am SO in love with this image!

7. Jared is multi talented. He can play drums, trombone AND guitar. He did a little strumming for me while I got a little artsy during his senior session.

6. I LOVE willow trees. Jay and Stephanie were such a perfect couple for portraits. I had so many more that I love of the two of them but this is my favorite.

5. Vana's bridal look was so stunning and so classic. I got a little closeup before she was completely ready for the day and it's just perfect.

4. Those who have walked Main Street on Mackinaw Island may have JUST missed little house just outside of downtown. It lines up so wonderfully.

3. This image was taken back in 2017 but since I edited it this year... so much bridal beauty in just one close up photograph.

2. The colors, the light, the pose, the flower. Everything about this image is what I strive for! Lexie is a gorgeous girl and I'm so glad I got to take this image for her senior portraits.

Drum roll please....
1. My favorite image this year is from way back in the spring. So much lined up to make this image one of my favorites. I like it even better cropped to a stronger horizontal but we'll keep it full frame this time. Nick and Savanah's wedding was lovely and this image is too!

Thank you all for an amazing year and I'm looking forward to 2019 already!
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