Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Baby Morgan: Brand New (Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer)

February 18, 2015

It's been a newborn type of year so far! Another beautiful little girl (brand new!) came to visit me and I am so happy to have gotten to photograph her so early in her life. Mom and Dad were some of last year's wedding friends of mine, Will and Michelle, married last May. It was wonderful to see them again, and so fun to get to see them as new parents. Morgan was a champ for us. She was VERY hungry once she arrived after a long drive to the studio but she went to sleep for us and let us get a lot of great photos while she slept.

For the second round of photos, we weren't so lucky with getting her to sleep. So alert for such a little lady! But we got her to agree to pose with her eyes open, wide awake, and it worked! Congrats to Will, Michelle, and your family on this adorable little lady!

^I asked her for this smile and she answered with this! That never happens ;)

^Cozy Morgan!

^Mommy, Daddy, and Morgan's birthstones on Mom's ring.

^So cozy is spot #2!

^Wide open mouth.

^Morgan did NOT want to sleep anymore, so we improvised :)

^So alert! Pretty girl.

^Favorite pose of little lady!

^Adding a matching bow :)

^My best daddy.

^Loving on Mommy.

^What a happy new family.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Baby Josie: Brand New! (Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer)

January 30, 2015

Other than photographing my new little one, Josie is the first little newborn that I got to meet up with this year. She was so bright and focused. And though that's great for such a little one, it didn't help us get her to sleep. In fact, until the VERY end of the session, she hardly slept for us at all. I had to be quick with my shutter to catch her blinking to make it look more sleepy. Luckily she was such a sweet little lady and didn't get too mad at her mom and me while we moved her around.

Josie's daddy showed up toward the end of the session to sneak a few photos in and to help us put her to sleep. We finally did succeed but with only 15 minutes to spare. However we got quite a few shots in that short span of time. My favorites, still, are the first few we did. What a sweetie! So glad Josie made it in for a last minute session with me!

^This NEVER happens but one of my favorite shots was also my very first!

^Such a gorgeous little miss!

^She was all about snuggling with Mom!

^Look how alert she is!

^Awake is okay when your cute and focused!

^"Almost" sleeping ;)

^We finally got her to sleep!

^Cuddling with some of my newest props.


^What a beautiful family.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Olivia: 8 months old (Grand Rapids Children's Photographer)

January 26, 2015

Olivia is just about 8 months old! She's my little sweetie (other than my own little sweetie) and she was so fun at her little session. It's been so fun watching her grow up! I can't wait for her next session already! Let's keep it short and sweet and check out baby Olivia!

^Matchy matchy ;)

^Showing off her Christmas outfit.

^Feeling fashionable in her fancy headband.

^The one on the bottom is my favorite :D

^Mom's cute idea. Olivia did such  good job with it!

^Even better!

^Check out her newborn session to see how much she's grown in comparison to her stuffed doggie!
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