Friday, May 31, 2013

A: Boudoir Photography (Grand Rapids Boudoir Photography)

May 22, 2013

This gorgeous girl, let's just call her "A" for now, is getting married in a few short months! For a gift to her hubby-to-be, she came to visit me for a boudoir session. She and a friend, "E" (we'll see more of her next week!) came together and they both had a blast doing the joint session. I liked it too, as the girls were more relaxed with one another and helped each other with ideas and posing (helpful to me too!). Never hurts to bring a friend. Anyway, congrats to "A" on her upcoming wedding and an AWESOME boudoir shoot! Check here out below!

^Showing off that bridal white!

^She has a great serious face, but a super beautiful smile too!

^GORGEOUS! Of course!

^Repping UofM :-)

^A fave of mine!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Isaac & Janae: A Perfect Wedding (Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer)

May 11, 2013

Since it's such a good one, I love Isaac and Janae's story. I heard it a few different times throughout the day, and for those of you who don't already know it, I'll share it with you! Isaac and Janae both went to Alma College. Twist and turns of fate led them to meet one another fairly early on in their college carrier. I am pretty sure Isaac was smitten (well, Janae is a pretty beautiful girl so, not surprised!). He asked her mother for her hand. Mom said yes! But there was one stipulation... let Janae finish school! Now Janae's mom didn't just mean let her finish her undergrad degree. Janae had lofty goals and planned to become a physical therapist. So Isaac was patient and waited YEARS to marry the love of his life. And finally, that day came! And though it wasn't the prettiest day in the world, this amazing couple more than made up for it with their love!

I had a blast working with Janae and Isaac. It was one of the most easy-going weddings I've been to in a long time. Though it was super chilly, windy and even rainy, we got so many awesome photos that I was thrilled. There was lots of time to do everything and the reception was perfect as well. Watching Isaac and Janae together was very inspiring too. Knowing how long they waited for this day to come... I know they will have a long and loving marriage! Congrats to the both of you... and thanks again to a few more memberse of Janae's PT class for giving me the opportunity to work with them, too!

And now... the photos!

Bridal gown: Becker's Bridal, Fowler, MI
Bridesmaids dresses: Alfred Angelo
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse
Flowers: J's Fresh Flower, Grand Rapids, MI
Ceremony: Leighton Church, Caledonia, MI
Transportation: Maxfield's Luxury Coach, Edmore, MI
Cake: Isaac's mom :)
DJ: Moments in Time Disc Jockeys,Grand Rapids, MI
Reception: Quail Ridge Golf Club, Ada, MI

^Making sure it's perfect... I just love this shot when they thought there was something wrong... but there wasn't :)

^Lots of spring colors!

^It's always nice to find a perfect place for the rings!

^When the breeze blew up!

^Great shot by my assistant, Jess.

^"Ha ha ha ha ahhh..."

^Handsome, and TALL groom and groomsmen!

^He was such a good sport!


^Someone later added the missing groomsmen, who is serving our country overseas.

^Can you tell these guys are the grooms brothers?


^Our fellow paparazzo.

^It's not always serious, this photo stuff.

^One of my favorites.

^Such a beautiful bride!!!

^Rocking a little OCF, thanks Jess!

^It's freezing in these photos, but they were ALL troopers!

^Adoring our adorable groom.

^This tree fit the wedding colors well, no?

^Check out the cute details the bride and groom cooked up for the wedding day.

^Hey! I took these! :)


^A spin from Dad.

^If you don't remember these two... click here!

^We took another shot like this of the PT crew at Kaitlyn and Brent's wedding last August.

^The perfect day!

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