Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eric + Shaelyn: Engaged

December 23, 2011

When I met Eric back in August, it was for a quick interview about their wedding. He is heading up a lot of the planning as Shaelyn is finishing up vet school way out in Iowa! The lucky lady has a very involved finace! She was in town this week so it was great timing do get an engagement session in. It was off to the east side of the state this time for my second "day trip" in the week before Christmas. Smooth sailing, albeit a bit COLD, but our indoor location, the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, made that no problem at all!

I'm not always partial to shooting so much indoors. The museum is awesome, though, and even without a lot of available light for non-flash photography (which I prefer of course :), we had a lot of things to use! I would have loved to have been able to try some off-camera flash, but it wasn't in the cards with time and space constriction (the museum was busier than we expected!), but we made it work. Even though the car section of the museum was under construction (much to Eric's disappointment!), we had a lot of other photo opportunities. We finished up our time at the Henry Ford in the well-lit hallways, and got some of my favorite images of the day!

One more stop before I headed back to West Michigan; the place Eric proposed to Shae. I love it when you can add that extra touch of meaning to a photo shoot! They showed some love for alma mater SVSU and finished up our session, chilly but satisfied. Thanks to the two of you, I'm very much looking forward to your wedding in October!
^I was in awe at the size of these trains! Dating back to the 1800s, some of them!

^The museum was a lot busier than it looked in this shot!

^Very cute!

^They are such a cute couple!

^Navigating to our next stop in the museum.

^This is just awesome! Such a cool perspective shot!

^The bus Rosa Parks road on.

^Ahhh, natural light again :-)

^We dodged out in to this cute courtyard for a few shots. Cold, but love how Shae's hair was blowing!

^Coolest room ever... but we weren't allowed to go up the stairs. This will have to do.

^Looked like a little bus or train station. And there's my "&" again!

^The hallways were GORGEOUS. Absolutely love it.

^Ahhh overcast, how I love you!

^We are right across from the bench where Eric proposed. How sweet!

^Great way to end an engagement session!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Top 100 of 2011

It's the end of the year again, and it was SOOOO hard to weed through all my photos and pick ONLY 100. I just figured any more than that and you guys would get bored so... Just so you guys know, this is REALLY hard to do! Picking out only 100??? My VERY favorites list was into the 200 range! I had a lot of weeding out to do... But without further ado, enjoy my favorites from this year!

100. Calvin and Kim - Glen Arbor, MI

99. Katrina - Grand Rapids, MI

98. Hope - Gladwin, MI

97. Jessica and her puppy, Lexie - DeLand, FL

96. Jessica and Jason - Allendale, MI

95. Monica and Duke - Gladwin, MI

94. Kyle and Suzy - Gladwin, MI

93. Eric and Shaelyn - Dearborn, MI

92. Mason - Grand Rapids, MI

91. Latesha - Grand Rapids, MI

90. Claire - Grand Rapids, MI

89. Ashley (and Braelyn) - Grand Rapids, MI

88. Kaitlyn and Brent - Grand Rapids, MI

87. Kylie - Grand Rapids, MI

86. Candi and Paul - Mount Pleasant, MI

85. Ryan and Alexys - Harrison, MI

84. DeMari, Class of 2012 - Grand Rapids, MI

83. Andrea, Class of 2012 - Grand Rapids, MI

82. Julie - Grand Rapids, MI

81. Emily and Jon - Grand Rapids, MI

 80. Catholic Church - Hamtramck, MI

79. Laurelye - Longwood, FL

78. Erica and John - Ypsilanti, MI

77. Dan and Lisa - Grand Rapids, MI

76. The Latunski Family - Rockford, MI

75. Monica - Gladwin, MI

74. Nick and Amber - Lowell, MI

73. Rings - Rochester, MI

72. Gladiolas - Ypsilanti, MI

71. Katrina - Grand Rapids, MI

70. Wedding tent decorations - Lansing, MI

69. Jenna and Charles - Harrison, MI

68. Jolene and Brian - Longwood, FL

67. Candi - Mount Pleasant, MI

66. Karla - Leonard, MI

65. Blossoming trees - Kentwood, MI

64. Rowan - Newago, MI

63. Butterfly mini cakes - Glen Arbor, MI

62. Baby J'aime - Longwood, FL

61. Jenna and Charles - Houghton Lake, MI

60. Baby Noah - Grand Rapids, MI

59. Angela and Pete - Novi, MI

58. Charles - Houghton Lake, MI

57. Emily - Gull Lake, MI

56. Dennis and Jacquie - Plymouth, MI

55. Brent and Kaitlyn - Grand Rapids, MI

54. Jason and Jessica - Rochester, MI

52. Pete, his groomsmen, and the Renaissance Center - Detroit, MI

51. Jenna - Harrison, MI

50. DeMari, Class of 2012 - Grand Rapids, MI

49. Jessica and baby J'aime's feet, Longwood, FL

48. Joe and Kim - Lansing, MI

47. Latesha - Grand Rapids, MI

46. Maynard and Karley - Harrison, MI

45. Suzy and Kyle - Gladwin, MI

44. Wedding jewelry - Rochester, MI

43. Julie - Grand Rapids, MI

42. Brandon and Whitney - Gladwin, MI

41. Lisa - Harrison, MI

40. Bridal bouquet - Rochester, MI

39. Jessica and Jason - Allendale, MI

38. Baby Hadley - Harrison, MI

37. Karla - Leonard, MI

36. Kara - Honor, MI

35. Jenna and her bridesmaids - Houghton Lake, MI

34. Lisa - Harrison, MI

33. Dustin and Caitlin - Comstock Park, MI

32. Paul - Rochester, MI

31. Jared and Ashley - Grand Rapids, MI

30. Jenna - Harrison, MI

29. Dan and Lisa - Grand Rapids, MI

28. Eric and Shaelyn - Dearborn, MI

27. Foilage - Kentwood, MI

26. Jon and Emily - Gull Lake, MI

25. Jessica - Rochester, MI

24. Dustin and Caitlin - Comstock Park, MI

23. Off-camera flash workshop - Grand Rapids, MI

22. Pete and Angela - Novi, MI

21. J'aime and Jennie - Ponce Inlet, FL

20. Jerad and Ashley - Even though we didn't get to do the wedding, I loved this huge shoot we did together!

19. Dan and Lisa - The willows were a perfect setting. Cute couple didn't hurt either!

18. Blake, Class of 2012 - I can't even put my finger on it, but I know I love this shot of Blake!

17. Allie - She has a beautiful smile, but I love her serious face!

16. Jon and his groomsmen - These guys kept the day interesting. And I LOVE the gray tuxes!

15. Glen Arbor - Took this while second shooting with Misty. Love the depth and all that color.

14. Jenna - Not every bride will take her wedding dress in a pond for a perfect shot...

13. Haley - Love her smile, and fashion sense... (We can thank Mom for both :-)

12. Jon and Emily - Love these two. Such a great couple... and I love this colorful shot of them as well.

11. Baby Noah - he's just so adorable with his cake!

10. Jenna and her bridesmaids - Love the way they composed themselves... and the yellow on black!

9. Luke and Haley - These two kids were awesome, and I just love this vantage point.

8. Rowan - He was so content just playing with his fishing pole, even though he knew he wouldn't catch any!

7. Allie - She just rocks it, 'nuff said.

6. Baby Hadley - It took her awhile to warm up to the camera, but she did! Love this shot of her in her tutu!

5. Jon and Emily - I knew these two were going to give me some awesome photos. My fave from their day.

4. DeMari, Class of 2012 - This guy should model.

3. Charles and Jenna - My favorite wedding of the year... and you'll find this shot on my biz cards in 2012.

2. Dustin and Caitlin - Love the backdrop here. If I love this shot, I can't wait for the wedding!

And the top spot this year goes to.... drum roll please...

1. Jason and Jessica - The wind took her cathedral veil just perfectly. The field was perfect, the couple was fabulous. The shot is a winner... THE winner!!! Thanks guys!
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